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Automotive Starting Top terminal (J.I.S)-12 Volt

Automotive and Commercial vehicles can be powered with our complete line of Magnacharge batteries; available in premium advanced starting technology and an ever-increasing assortment of AGM technology to meet the demand placed on today’s vehicle.
ISS (Idle-Start-Stop) technology communicates with the engine to shutdown when the vehicle is “idle” and restarts the engine when the vehicle begins acceleration. This technology helps reduce Co2 emission, offers increased fuel economy and improves the driving experience, it also requires optimized batteries that can accommodate the
cycling requirements while the vehicle sits idle and the constant “start-stop” strain on the battery.
Our advanced starting technology and assortment of AGM options are engineered to provide the best power
solutions to meet the increased demand and production of vehicles equipped with ISS technology and offers even
greater performance for traditional ICE (Internal combustion engines)

  • Absorbent Glass Mat Separator

  • Advanced Starting Power

  • High Density Active-material

  • Stronger Charge Acceptance

  • Vibration Resistant

  • X-Frame Technology

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Top Terminal-Pencil Post


12 Volt