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Magnacharge Battery Corporation has been a leader in battery distribution since 1964. Our humble beginning as a local battery manufacturer has fueled our commitment to develop and distribute the best products and service.
We preserve our founding principles of offering complete stored energy solutions and the best batteries to market. Incessantly enhancing the customer experience has been and will continue to be our foundation.
  • Comprehensive solutions for industry leading coverage and the most unique requests
  • Premium nationwide warranty
  • Supporting green initiatives, collecting used and spent batteries, ensuring a regulated and controlled recycling process

About us

We are guided by our passion of bringing the most value to everyone we serve, offering local service on a national scale with global coverage and an international network.
Our evolving product portfolio and local distribution points allow for instant access to battery products required to serve essential markets in the Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Oil, Gas, Natural Resource, Military, Government, Medical, Leisure and Recreational sectors.