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Magnacharge Battery


  • Magnacharge Battery Corporation is a privately held battery wholesale and distribution company with operations across Canada, The United States (Mid-West) and Central America.
  • We have been a leader in battery distribution since 1964; continuously building on an already expansive infrastructure, providing access to the industries best power solutions.
  • Our distributed workforce and branch network expand our reach to consumers across the Americas, serving all markets with the same passion, loyalty, and premium products that we have been supplying to Canadians for over five decades.
  • We are driven to be the best partner, to grow your business, to continue developing partnerships with the best manufacturers, best distributors, and the industries most knowledgeable staff.
  • We are guided by our passion of bringing the most value to everyone we serve, offering local service on a national scale with global coverage and an international network.


  • We offer the industries most advanced technology with the most comprehensive line of products, a distribution network par excellence, all delivered with a passion for building relationships that provide the most value to our consumers, distributors, workforce, and our manufacturing partners.
  • Our humble beginning as a local battery manufacturer has fueled our commitment for developing the best products and service. We preserve our founding principles of offering complete stored energy solutions and the best batteries to market. Incessantly enhancing the customer experience has been and will continue to be our foundation.


  • Our mission is to deliver industry leading service, advanced stored energy solutions, a complete distribution channel and to integrate green initiatives into our operation. We will continue to nurture a safe, healthy, and productive work environment while providing flexible and comprehensive business solutions with a customer-centric approach.

Business Model

  • Our distribution model offers a fleet of over sixty vehicles delivering batteries and related products across all markets every day. We remain committed to excellence as we deliver new products while offering inventory maintenance, stock rotation programs and spent battery collection.
  • Our key objective is ensuring peak performance, industry leading fill rates and access to products for the most unique requests, allowing you to focus on supporting your customers and growing your business.
  • Our twenty-seven and growing corporate branch locations offer consistency, immediate access to products and flexibility to meet your needs. We encourage creative thinking, innovative leadership, a fluid supply chain, inventory control solutions and the ease of doing business.
  • Our structure urges regular on-site or virtual training to keep your staff and customers up to date with product advancement and the best solutions for their power needs.


We are devoted to a complete battery recovery program focused on green sustainability in our business and in all communities. Our battery exchange and spent battery collection program will continue to fuel our corporate and industry commitment of a complete closed loop process which has elevated lead-acid batteries to be the number one recycled consumer good.


  • We are steadfast in providing the highest quality batteries, chargers, accessories, and components required to keep your equipment moving and maintained for years of extended reliable use.
  • Our evolving product portfolio and local distribution points allow for instant access to battery products required to serve essential markets in the Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Oil, Gas, Natural Resource, Military, Government, Medical, Leisure and Recreational sectors.
  • Not only do we offer a complete product portfolio for original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket sales segments in any public or private sector we also remain devoted to after sale support as part of our pledge to strengthening partnerships. Our interests remain on assisting you to economically achieve your business goals while providing the highest quality products that you and your customers can confidently depend on.
  • We are excited to provide you with this introduction to Magnacharge Battery. It is a privilege to be your preferred supply chain partner, resource centre for all your battery needs, local partner, and a great place of employment.