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Noco Genius Chargers

Go Beyond Smart Charging

The smartest and most versatile battery chargers ever. Designed and engineered to be lighter, faster and infinitely better.

Lester Electrical

Lester Electrical is a global leader and one of the most recognized brands in industrial/commercial battery chargers. Engineering/manufacturing expertise and flexibility have made Lester the product of choice in all major electric vehicle/machine markets. Lester products, from battery chargers, power management systems and battery systems, have a tradition of unrivaled quality, reliability, and longevity, even in the most demanding applications and environments. Offering customized products tailored for applications, Magnacharge and Lester customers enjoy unparalleled quality, service, and support.

Find the complete Lester product assortment throughout the Magnacharge network.


Autometer is committed to advanced product development and superior quality. ISO/TS certification ensures that consumers are guaranteed only the highest quality products. These technology-leading products help give Magnacharge customers a competitive edge, wherever they are used.

Magnacharge offers the complete charger and test equipment line, encouraging the use of analog load testers such as the SB-5/2 and SB-3 as a trusted source for accurate battery test results.

These testers and other great items from the Autometer test equipment line can found throughout the Magnacharge network.