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Magnacharge Battery Corporation (MBC) has been a Canadian leader in Battery wholesale since 1964. We are experts in every aspect of the business from our years as a leading battery manufacturer and our present operation as a leading battery distributor, battery Service provider and recycler of lead acid batteries. Customers working with Magnacharge Battery have a superior advantage, as they have access to our nationwide network which stretches from the west coast to the east coast in Canada and our distribution partners across the Americas. We offer a diverse and premium product range, superior service and an environmentally sound program to support green initiatives in the products we offer, the services we provide and our day to day operations.

We place a strong emphasis on our full battery recycling program and focus on green sustainability for our business and for those that we work with.


Our mission is to exceed the customer’s expectations, offer a great distribution channel for our manufacturing partners, and ensure all green initiatives are incorporated into our operations while fostering a safe, healthy and productive work environment for all staff.

Our full line of product allows us to power every purpose and support any application.


Our well distinguished and established brand name product lines such as Trojan Battery , Fullriver Battery and Odyssey Battery are the leading deep cycle battery manufacturers in the industry and allow us to power any application from power wheelchairs to large floor cleaning Equipment/ Golf Carts / Aerial lifts, and Renewable Energy in flooded, Gel and AGM battery technologies.


Start your Car / Truck / RV or Boat with our complete starting line up of Magnacharge batteries, Road Master RV and Marine Power, as well as our Magnasport line for your Motorcycle, ATV and all other powersport equipment. We have a superior maintenance free starting line in wet battery technology and offer high performance batteries to start any vehicle in the harshest conditions, using wet, AGM and other high performance technologies available within the industry.


Guarantee your Emergency Lighting and UPS/Back up with our Magnavolt and Leoch battery Sealed Lead Acid products.


Forklifts and any industrial equipment can be powered with our standard or customized line of Magnacharge and BBI “Superior Cycling Series” motive power batteries.


We are focused on providing the highest quality batteries, chargers, accessories, additional parts and components needed to keep your equipment running. We have a full line of charging equipment, test equipment and all other accessories to maintain and manage your fleet.


Not only do we provide a wide range of batteries and chargers, we also provide ongoing support and services to strengthen our relationship while being focused on assisting you to economically achieve your business goals while providing the highest quality product that you and your customers can depend on.


Magnacharge is focused on quality service and safety with fully trained staff, support systems and training aids to provide an on-going service that helps maximize your valuable investment.


We are pleased to provide you with this introduction to Magnacharge Battery Corporation. It is our objective to be your preferred supplier and resource centre for all your battery needs.


 We all look forward to working with you and your team.


 Magnacharge Battery Corporation

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