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Commercial & Industrial-12 Volt

Commercial vehicles demand nothing less than the most powerful, reliable and durable batteries. Advanced technology and premium materials have been engineered into the Magnacharge commercial series ensuring the best starting power, higher reserve capacity and cycling power to provide the most reliable experience in the commercial segment. We offer the perfect power solution as a result of innovative technology. Some key features are advanced calcium lead alloy (reducing water consumption), thicker plate design with durability to combat the damaging effects of vibration and offering more cyclic stability than other brands in the category. Polyethylene separators with fleece specifically designed for the harshest applications, labyrinth double lid with flame arrestor providing maintenance free service and additional safety. Power all diesel equipment and vehicles with a comprehensive line of solutions.

  • Advanced Starting Power

  • Longer Service Life

  • Meets OE Quality Performance and Specification

  • Stronger Charge Acceptance

  • Vibration Resistant

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Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)


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12 Volt


Personal 12 Mo./Commercial 12 Mo. Free