If you are looking for a Car Battery Charger Magnacharge Battery Corporation is the best place to find right Car battery charger for your car battery.

Regular driving, a constant starting and stopping gives an extra load to your battery and in winter when your car heater is on, headlights, heated windows and if it’s raining your wipers too, the percentage of the current is being drained out from the battery than is being put back by the alternator. Eventually the battery will lose power to start your car, this state of the battery is called flat. A Flat battery can be avoided by a battery charger.

At Magnacharge Battery Corporation Locations, we have specialists who are qualified and are well experienced to assist you when you are looking for a Car Battery Charger. List of chargers that are tested and are of excellent quality.

1- Noco Genius

2- Techmate/ Optimate

Precautions and some advises before your use a car battery charger:

  • Always wear Rubber gloves
  • Wear an eye protection glasses as the gases or bubbles can harm.
  • Check the Liquid level before connecting the battery to the charger.
  • Take off the car battery terminals.
  • Clean the battery terminals before you connect your Car Battery Charger.
  • If separate cell caps are fitted, remove them for ventilation. Leave a trough cover on, unless the charging rate is high.
  • Carefully Connect the positive (+) lead from the charger to the (+) battery terminal (usually the red wire of charger is positive), and connect the negative (-) (usually the negative wire of charger is black) connect it with the batteries negative terminal.
  • Now plug the charger into the electricity socket and switch on. The indicator light or gauge (ammeter) will show that the battery is being charged.
  • Keep an eye on the battery cells now as the process of battery charging has started, the cells bubble and give off gas. If in case any cell starts gassing before others, your battery is most probably defective, you should bring it to our nearest location where battery specialists will check and guide you.
  • Please unplug the battery charger before disconnecting the charger from the battery.

In case you have a flat or dead battery please don’t throw that in garbage, Magnacharge battery Corporation is running a Recycle my Battery program, you just need to fill our Scrap Battery Collection form, or you can call us on our Toll Free # 1-888-271-8888, Our Scrap Battery Collection team will arrive at your door steps.