Magnacharge Battery Corporation supports recycling initiatives and offers a national environmental support program in which we offer a Recycle my Battery program. We as Canada’s largest independent Battery Corporation believe that by helping people to properly dispose of their dead, scrap, spent and used battery it ensures a sustainable green initiative supporting our national effort to keep our landfills clean for future generations and preserve our identity as Canadians.

You can contact us for collection of your used and dead battery by calling on our Toll free # 1-888-271-8888 or by filling up our Recycle my Battery form.

Our Recycle my Battery includes any and all types of batteries from Sealed Lead Acid, Automotive, and Industrial batteries regardless of manufacturer or brand. We collect and dispose of scrap batteries using a controlled and regulated system which is designed to ensure safe handling, transport, storage and disposal of scrap batteries for our clients and members of the community.

Our facilities are registered recycling depots and batteries can be dropped off at any of our facilities across the country or we can schedule a pick up to offer the convenience of supporting the recycling initiative we offer.

We will schedule our driver to pick up all scrap batteries that are prepared and ready for transport. In order to prepare for transport the batteries should be securely strapped to a skid and loaded on your standard loading dock.

When the batteries are ready to be picked up, please call our Magnacharge office and make arrangements with our staff informing them in advance of the number of skids and if possible the weight or quantity of batteries and type. Our driver will go to your site on our designated scrap battery pick up route. If you require any packing material please inform our staff, At the time of the pick up call and arrangements will be made to provide you with what you need.

Please feel free to contact us. Click here for our Recycle my Battery Form.

We are doing our part to keep our earth green, are you?